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Bhardwaj Pharma GmbH is a licensed manufacturer of pharmaceutical products and located in Ahrensburg, Germany.
Our professionally led company was founded in 2010 as Bhardwaj Pharma GmbH & Co. KG and trades under the name Bhardwaj Pharma GmbH since May 2011.
Currently our main area of action is oncology and haematology. We are a licensed producer with a manufacturing license from the authority: Landesamt für Soziale Dienste Schleswig-Holstein in Kiel.
With our passion in oncology it is our everlasting aim to contribute to the improvement of the situation of cancer patients. Apart from the continuous development of our own products, it is our leitmotif to offer premium products at affordable prices.
Bhardwaj Pharma reacts quickly and in an innovative way to changing needs of the pharmaceutical market.
On top of producing own drug products, Bhardwaj Pharma has exclusive arrangements with other manufacturers of drug substances. With our vast experience we support our partners during the registrational process of pharmaceutical products at various foreign markets and offer market analyses and R&D. Due to global marketing concepts and online trading of drug products, the number of counterfeit drugs has continuously increased over the last years. We are taking this problem seriously and assure constant control via sophisticated safety and quality management.
Already nowadays Bhardwaj Pharma is applying the standards for the future and strictly follows the guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Our GMP-conform quality management program guarantees immaculate products at any time due to strict control of all marketed products during the manufacturing process.

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