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Bhardwaj Pharma Bhardwaj Pharma GmbH is a pharma­ceutical company and manu­factu­rer of drug products. We are committed to dev­elop­ment, pro­duc­tion and marke­ting of pharma­ceuti­cal products for the areas Onco­logy and Haema­tology.

Bhardwaj Pharma We support you with our vast ex­perience and our own product spectrum accor­ding to your needs. For reg­istr­ation of pharma­ceuti­cal pro­ducts in var­ious foreign count­ries we are a pro­fess­ional partner.

Bhardwaj Pharma You are wel­come to ask for advice for ana­lyz­ing pharma­ceuti­cal markets, R&D, regu­latory support for drug regis­tra­tion and individual problem sol­ving of cust­omer requests.

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